Stephen Padfield (left) is Chairman of WWSL.  Other committee members are Sue Wilson (far right), Maggie Clower (next to Sue) and Salli Ransom (centre left)

Reverend Stephen Padfield
Reverend Stephen Padfield. Chaplain of The King's School in Rochester and Chairman of WWSL. Steve was Chaplain at Royal Russell School, Croydon, in 2005 when the founder of WWSL, Lady Gloria Cottesloe, brought Bishop Jeremiah Kibobi to school for a visit. Having been very impressed and moved by his work in Kenya, Rev Padfield set up a link between the schools. As others became interested in the Bishop's work in Kenya, Steve helped set up VICODS UK, so that others could become involved in fundraising and supporting the Bishop. This charity then merged with Worldwide Silver Lining (WWSL) in the summer of 2008, when Lady Cottesloe stepped down as chairman and took up the post of Vice President.
Stephen is also a Trustee of WWSL.

Maggie Clower
Maggie was a leader of the school party when the visit to Magnet had to be diverted due to political unrest and so the connection with the NGO project in Tanzania was born.  Maggie has since visited Magnet.  Maggie was the Librarian at Royal Russell School and is interested in the education system, particularly in Tanzania.

Linda Coventon
Linda and her husband John visited Magnet in 2010 and she and John joined the committee soon afterwards. Linda is interested in the welfare of the older girls.
Linda is also a trustee of WWSL.

Andrew Hill
Andrew lives in Sevenoaks, Kent and is married with two children. Whilst he has always been a keen fundraiser for various causes, he had never actually been involved in a charity before. “I recently found myself wanting to do something active about the orphan situation in Africa. I didn't just want to give ad hoc amounts to some large organisation. I found out about WWSL via an advert at work by Pete Fitchie and then everything just fell into place. It’s certainly a challenge helping to operate a charity but a very fulfilling one, knowing that we are making a difference to many children’s lives."
Andrew is also a trustee of WWSL.

Salli Ransom
Salli has visited Kenya three times and Tanzania twice. She has three children adn two grandchildren and was a member of the Music Department at Royal Russell until her retirement in 2012. She is interested in the welfare of the older girls in Kenya. Salli is camp cook when in Tanzania. 

Sue Wilson
Sue Wilson works as a Nursery teacher at Royal Russell School.  She has been involved with WWSL since 2005 and has visited Kenya three times and Tanzania twice.  The area Sue is most interested in is the younger children, especially the orphans at Magnet School.
Sue is also a trustee of WWSL.

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