Update from Jeremiah after receiving 45 orphansin one month.  SInce this report there has been widespread flooding and the crops have been destroyed.  If you do not already sponsor a child please could you reconsider and visit the Distant Adoption page and sign up.

We received another 15 orphans tomorrow, Tuesday 3rd June here at Magnet. The children are aged between 5 years and 11 years. They have nowhere to stay and so we have said that we shall risk and take them to become members of the Magnet family.

We are doing this when the Government is informing the whole country of a great food shortage that will be experienced within the next few months. The statement from the Government has said that the reserve food in the government stores is able to feed the country for only two months and there is great danger because there has been no rain for a long stretch of time. Farmers are all worried because they should have planted sometime in March but due to lark of rain, no crops have been planted all over the country so far. This interprets that food will be imported from overseas, which will be quite expensive and sometimes quite hard to access due to the high demand.

I will keep you informed of how we shall go on. This will be the last number of children that we shall take this year till the situation improves. Now we shall be having 45 new children in Magnet Orphanage who will have joined within the last one month. This desperately calls for well-wishers to sign up for the £20 sponsorship per month and so let us keep the word moving.

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