We, the Magnet school community are continuously grateful for your continuous support to our work. We continue being committed to our work of giving education opportunities to the children under our care.

We started the second term of this year last week and the term is running to the end of July.

Your support has enabled us to purchase food for the children that will help us feed them for at least one month. We managed to purchase the following:

1. 20 bags of maize, 90 kgs each @ Ksh 3,000/- = ksh. 60,000/-

2. 10 bags of beans, 90 kgs each @ ksh. 6,000/- = Ksh. 60,000/-

3. One bag of sugar, 50 kgs @ 5,000/-

4. 10 cartons of cooking fat 10 kgs each @ ksh. 1,200/- = 12,000/-

Total Ksh. 137,000/-

We currently have a total of 280 children in school. 90 are in Junior school and the other 190 in High school. 104 are day students and the other 176 are boarders. Right now, we have 52 children who have parents/guardians who strive to pay the fees required by the school. The rest of the students are supported by the funds that we receive from you the WWSL, and others supported by our American supporters.

Several new children, pictured above,arrived recently and they have been issued with plates, knives, forks, spoons and other items for living at Magnet.

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