From Jeremiah Kibobi to Barry Gooden following his donation of laptops to Magnet School

Dear Barry,

Words are not strong enough to express our thanks to you for your generous donation of the ten laptops to our school. We have installed the programs that are easier for our children to learn with and now they are being taught computer literacy and soon many of our children will be good at that. I am going to embark on making the computer room conducive for both the computers and the children when I get money to renovate the room. However, for now the children are learning in the room as it is and they are enjoying and we are so grateful. The room when well furnished with good furniture can take a maximum of 44 laptops and the children will be sitting comfortably and be able to learn computer knowledge to the glory of God. Please keep us in mind whenever you have other laptops to donate. God bless you so much and be always assured of our prayers and love.

Yours truly, Bishop Jeremiah Kibobi.

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